July 25, 2018


  • Less med-pass time
  • Fewer dispensing errors
  • Less storage space
  • Less wasted inventory
  • More patient-care time
  • More job satisfaction

Patient-Specific Strip Packaging

Strip packaging is an innovative unit-dose packaging solution, consisting of individually sealed compartments that contain single or multiple medications. In the long term care market, there’s a significant growth of facilities that are switching over to strip packaging. Adherence packaging removes the risk of human error with 100% automation of oral solids.

Treatment -> Adherence -> Outcomes

Since strip packaging is specifically labeled, sealed in full compliance with State and Federal Boards of Pharmacy, and contains time-of-dose information, your facility will maximize personnel and time resources by reducing nurse prep time. Also, your facility can ensure that patients receive the correct dosage of the correct medication at the correct time in a cost-effective manner.

Maintaining a good regimen of adherence is an ongoing struggle for millions of Americans. Failing to take medications can be dangerous and expensive. "Missed medications cost approximately $290 billion in ER visits and causes 125,000 deaths every year.Ӡ Understanding the problems that most LTC facilities are facing, Gosney LTC proudly provides the solution with our customized G-Pak. We will improve your facility profitability with the most innovative technology by reducing financial waste by up to 15% from discontinued medications and aide in nursing tasks efficiently.

†Brody, J. (2017). The Cost of Not Taking Your Medicine. Personal Health. Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/17/well/the-cost-of-not-taking-your-medicine.html